At Risk For An Unclaimed Property Audit?

If you have experienced an audit before, you know how disrupting they can be. This concern is particularly true when it comes to the specialized arena of unclaimed property reporting—where audits can look back as long as 20 years.

This new paper, titled Audit Risk Red Flags: The Inside Story, lays out 17 factors that heavily influence the likelihood of or severity of an unclaimed property audit. Based on actual case studies, the report will prove timely and useful—whether your company is currently facing an audit, or simply looking for measures to minimize the likelihood of an audit.

The report issues specific guidance to companies on:

  • How to minimize certain “red flags” that all but ensure an audit
  • What to do if your company has already triggered one or more of these red flags
  • How to avoid or minimize the potential that state auditors will assess interest, fines or penalties above and beyond your actual liability
  • How to prepare for and reduce the impact if your company is already facing an audit.